Yes, you can buy it without charger. The MSRP of SR8 Rescue Angel with charge is 335USD, the MSRP of SR8 Rescue Angel without charger is 306.99USD.

Because this indicator is to show that the flashlight is working normally, if the indicator doesn't show green, it indicates the flashlight is wrong.

Please long press the tail switch to turn on the flashlight.

Firstly, you can judge by the brightness of the flashlight, you need to charge it if the brightness has a significant decrease; Secondly, you can judge it by the runtime we mentioned in the user manual; Thirdly, you can charge the included battery directly, if the battery is charged fully, the built in indicator of the battery will become blue from red.

Sorry, the standard sales kit doesn't include a remote pressure switch, but you can buy one additionally, the MSRP of RM18 remote pressure switch is 12.18USD.

Yes, just unscrew the tail of the flashlight, then the tactical ring can be removed easily. 

There is lockout funtion about the front side switch and tail switch of PT18pro Oathkeeper. The front side switch will be locked automatically after the flashlight is turned off for 1 min, and you can lock the front side switch by click it three time in quick succession. As for the tail switch, loosen the tail half a turn, the tail switches will be locked and will not work.

Sorry, all of our flashlights' technical parameters are changeless unless there are an updated versions of the models. So far, there is no another LED version of PT18 Oathkeeper. But there may be one in the future.

Sorry, this function can not be deactivated. This function is designed to avoid turning on the flashlight accidentally when you put the flashlight in a holster or a bag. Because the flashlight will be in a high temperature after it is turned on for a while, there is a possibility to damage the flashlight and the holster or bag.

When the flashlight is activated, the built-in indicator of the front side switch will turn on automatically, making it easy to quickly find the front side switch in the dark. And of course, you can deactivate it by pressing and holding the front side switch for 10s.

Please check if the front side switch is in a locked state, in general, the front side switch will be locked after you turn off the flashlight for 1min. If you want to unlock the front side switch, please click it three times in quick succession, then it will work normally again. Or you can press down the tail switch to turn on the flashlight, the front side switch will be unlocked automatically after 5s.